My best 3 wishes

I have many different wishes like everyone obviously, but in this letter I am going to share with you, my best 3 wishes, which are actually easy to accomplish and I will soon one by one.

  1. Cruising – This wish I have for a long time, actually since my living in Macedonia. But the difference between that moment and this moment is that now I am living in the best city to realize my desire – Sydney. My wish actually is to do cruising with оne of the great ships that every day I see in Circular Quay, like Cunard, Carnival, Caribbean, P&O etc. And the main detail in my cruising wish is that I want to have a room on top level with ocean view. I find out on google how much would cost me that cruising, actually how much will cost us, because I wish to travel with my wife, and results are positive. It is around $6500 for 14 nights including breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks.Photo 1
  2.  Discover Australia – My second desire is really easy to accomplish and cheaper than first one, actually is not really about money, but is about how many days we are free. I really enjoy to drive and long time I am thinking to use my next holiday for driving and discovering Australia. My plan is to start driving without navigation and stop sometimes somewhere, sleep in a hostel for a maximum one night then keep driving to another place and see a desert, beaches, some animals etc.nqfzjrtr-1411003445
  3. Holiday in the Seychelles – This desire I have a long time ago. When I was living in Macedonia I could just dream to go there, but from the moment I moved to Australia this dream is much easier to become true. All that I Should do is first to wait for my holiday time and second keep savings money because is a really expensive accommodation and also flights tickets. To fulfill this desire, for 10 nights we need around $10.000.Denis+Island+In+Seychelles.jpgAuthor: B.I.

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