Cairns – Queensland

Someone will ask me why u chose to write about Cairns?

That is right I will clarify now. Cairns is the place where we celebrated with my wife our Honeymoon holiday. We really chose exactly Cairns by lucky but we did not made mistake!

The holiday was amazing with a lot of fun and travelling even around Cairns ( Port Douglas and many nature places, mountains, zoo, tjapukai Aboriginal culture house and I would say the best Island you must see if you one day decide to go there Green Island. 

We were accommodated in a 4 stars hotel named “Park Royale” which was with one normal pool and one I would say amazing pool with a nice form and small waterfall and jacuzzi. Also was surrounded by trees and grass. Located 15 min driving from the center of city, specially designed for young couples who want calm and relax holiday.

Accommodation I would say everywhere in Cairns is comfortable and also food and drinks are with a normal price even in restaurants and bars. If you want to rent a car you can do almost everywhere. 

I am sharing some photos of our Honeymoon on 19

of September 2016.

Cairns, in Tropical North Queensland, situated on the edge of the Coral Sea, is billed as the world’s safest tropical city. It’s modern and stylish with elegant restaurants, shops and nightlife. It’s a great place to acclimatise and prepare for your tropical adventure. Cairns sits on a shallow mangrove bay, which often exposes mudflats at low tide, and is enfolded by the rainforest-draped hills of the Great Dividing Range. Several idyllic tropical white sandy bays are to be found to the north of the city, while Kuranda and the Tablelands beckon from the range. This is tropical Australia: romantic palm-fringed beaches, steaming rainforest and the legendary outback coupled with modern luxuries and unforgettable adventures.

Cairns epitomises Australia’s laid-back and casual lifestyle. The tropical climate means light, casual clothes, balmy nights under the stars and plenty of opportunity to sit under a shady tree and enjoy a cool drink. The Australian tropics are spectacular in their diversity, offering stunning environmental treasures and exhilarating adventure opportunities. The gorgeous Great Barrier Reef is not only the world’s largest marine park, but is so big it’s visible from space! But wait, there’s more: Tropical North Queensland is home to not one but two sublime natural phenomena. As well as the famed GBR there’s the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforest around Daintree and Cape Tribulation. This is the birthplace of the world’s first flowering plants and is home to a unique array of flora and fauna.

However, during the hotter months the tropics are also home to fierce sunshine, box jellyfish (known as marine stingers), salt-water crocodiles and mosquitoes. So, buy yourself a wide-brimmed hat, take note of safe-swimming signs and prepare for an awesome holiday.

Author: B.I.



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